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The synergy among technology and community

Technology and community can be a natural match. Both rely upon community goodwill. One way to inspire that is simply by going to a nearby technology art gallery; find what they’re using, look for creative new applications, and recommend ways to improve their use. Also this is a good time to network to like-minded persons interested in technology and art.

Estates-mit creating community connections task. A recent study by Rice University figured the creation and maintenance of social capital requires creating relationships. To put it differently, rather than building tech infrastructure to generate riches, communities ought to cultivate connections to achieve goals like cost-effective housing and economic creation. Community technology and community building projects can easily create and look after lasting connections, which often can then be taken for foreseeable future projects (such as many mentioned above).

Both technology and community are essential for creating lasting community relationships. How well we use these types of resources will certainly decide whether our society is a better place. Simply because the technology and community components of the Rice research showed, for the individual can be “actively involved” in a important way, “the shared goals multiply. ” Very good research procedures such as individuals mentioned above are effective at creating shared final results. In the end, we’ll probably never know if technology and community were truly a healthy fit. Yet , this research is a promising very first step toward understanding how they might influence one another.

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